FDNY Rapper Opens #EMSToday With New Safety Video

FDNY EMS rap artist Farooq Muhammad was the “opening act” for the EMS Today Conference’s Keynote and Opening Ceremonies session yesterday afternoon.

The new video is called Keep Yourself Safe and demonstrates the hazards that EMS professionals face every day. The video is a diversion from his previous works for three notable reasons. First, the lyrics provide a reminder of safety practices all EMS professionals should be practicing. Secondly the video Has Muhammad and his co-workers in Blauer Uniforms (who funded the project) as opposed to his usual FDNY attire. Finally, Muhammad and his co-workers are seen operating and working on a Bay Ridge Ambulance Volunteer Organization (BRAVO) ambulance. Check out the video here:

I like this video for two reasons: it addresses something that cannot be stressed enough (safety) and it utilizes one of the many volunteer services operating in New York City, providing them with some much needed exposure. My one issue with this video is that the product placement seems a bit overbearing, and therefore people may just mistake it as an ad as opposed to educational entertainment.

Farooq Muhammad has become known for his well produced music videos focusing on EMS, most notably that of the FDNY. His first video was Call 911 and was released during EMS Week 2009, currently having been viewed over 200,000 times. EMS Anthem was released during EMS Week 2010 and has been viewed over 300,000 times. For EMS Week 2011 he followed up with Blue Star-EMS that has garnered slightly more than 87,000 views.

So what do you think of the new video? Appropriate product placement or does it drown out the message?


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    I gotta say the message is there and is great but way to much of the product placement. An entire “chorus section” devoted to the repetition of a company name. Puts me off.

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      As you probably already know, I agree. I understand the need for the product placement in order to fund the project, but I think it turns it into more of a commercial and then you risk overshadowing the message. I also agree with you about the Keynote, because when you’re reading a list of products during what’s supposed to be an inspirational talk, it’s a definite turn off.

      At least in my humble opinion.

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    I find it’s always a fine line between self promotion and education, to the viewer any hint of a product may be too much. Yet to the sponcer there is never enough exposure. I hate to watch a person who made fame by singing from the heart enter celebrity and now have to “sell their wares” but it seems to be a trend, and when people start listening to someone, we shouldn’t be surprised when they turn around and try to sell us. After all the do have our attention, for now….

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    It is a commercial with a strong educational message. I love it!

    Tip of the hat to Farooq for finding a way to fund his passion. Tip of the hat to Blauer for using social media in an innovative way. Tip of the hat for the production crew to having a strong sense of reality throughout the video. Tip of the hat to all for taking a risk to do something different.

    In the category of best music video by a paramedic about EMS I can only think of one nominee.

    Best audience for this 1) EMT students, 2) general public.

    Strong work!