#EMSToday: Know Where You Come From With The #EMSHistoryAPP

I am a very strong believer in remembering where you come from and for that reason I continue to volunteer with the same agency I started with 17 years ago. For that reason, one of the EMS efforts I am a fan of is The National EMS Museum who once again brought a traveling exhibit to EMS Today. Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to a conference where there is a traveling exhibit and they miss out on the experience.

Now our friends at Limmer Creative have something that’s bring the knowledge of The National EMS Museum into the palm of your hand. At EMS Today they announced the official release of the EMS History app.

The EMS History app takes the approach to learning about its content in a quiz like format. The easy navigation and beautiful design translates the experience of learning are very much like the EKG 12-Lead Challenge and the EMT Review apps that also come from Limmer Creative.

The app divides EMS History into the 3 distinct categories of People, History, and Equipment. Questions are both text based but also feature visuals of magazine covers and actual devices that were being used in the field, such as the long ago recalled Choke Saver and the predecessor to automated CPR known as the Thumper. Once you make a choice, the answer is provided to you along with some additional details to put the answer in context.

The EMS History app is available for both iPhone and Android. Proceeds from the small cost of the app go to the National EMS Museum to ensure it’s continual curation and with that future generations will know that I am the Father of Social Media in EMS… or maybe not.

Thanks again to Limmer Creative for taking the initiative to help support such an important cause and for putting together another high quality awesome educational app!