For The Potential Weiners Out There

On September 13th, while the rest of the country goes about their business, I have the dubious honor of participating in a special election for a new US Representative. Why you may ask?

Because mine was a Weiner.

To highlight this fact and in the hopes of preventing you from becoming one too, here’s an excerpt from my latest column available on

Social media mistakes or errors can be not only embarrassing, but also damaging to your reputation. For agencies whose social media presence is viewed by the public as a trusted source of information, the risk of damage to their reputation is equally high, if not significantly higher, because of their raised profile.

So, what can we learn from the so called “Weinergate” debacle?

How you respond to social media mistakes matters, especially when you are in the public’s eye as a trusted source of information. As with all great responses, you need to have a plan ready to put into action… Read More At

Mistakes are going to happen. How you handle the mistake is going to make a difference in how you are perceived from that point on.