The Bangles Have Everything On Me

It’s really no big secret that I have no rhythm. Really. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Bangles have everything on me when it comes to walking like an Egyptian but I have a slight edge on them when it comes to some other Egyptian practices. Here is a brief excerpt from my new column up at

Ultimately we are left with two options as both agencies and individuals when it comes to creating Social Media policies within our organization and in using Social Media to engage our communities.

The first option is to embrace social media. Your communities are already looking for you on social networks and on the World Wide Web, so it is important to establish a presence for reputation management reasons alone.

The second option, the option far too many leaders have chosen, is to pretend that Social Media doesn’t exist, ignore it, and hope it goes away. That is exactly the mentality former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had, and we see how well that strategy worked for him… Read More At

While you’re over there reading the full column because you know my words are virtually gospel, be sure to also visit their EMS Week 2011 contest page where you can win some very cool prizes for not only yourself, but someone you consider a hero as well! Here are the basics of the contest instructions:

In keeping with ACEP’s EMS Week theme, “Everyday Heroes” we’d like to know—who’s made a difference at your agency or department? Heroism comes in many forms, from exceptional rescues to just setting a great example for others. So if your nominee is a hero in your eyes, we want to hear about it. Submit a photo and 150+ words telling us about your hero, and if your submission is chosen as a winner by the EMS1 community during EMS Week, both you and the hero will win prizes.

So be sure to go and nominate your hero today!